Emily S. Smith

El monte de la bruja

Why am I a writer?


With four years old I already knew I wanted to be a doctor; it wasnt’t a dream nor a possibility, it was an unquestionable fact. That’s the way I dedicated my tenacity. I surpossed the fact of being a woman in a time where our fate was to adorn the house and take care of the family. Surpassed the wretched economic situation by being an intern and by working during the holidays but, on top of all of them, surpassed the resilent handicap in which the doctors became perplexed with: in my future I was meant to die in between the ages ten and twelve because of a pulmonar illness I suffered from. This illnes forced me to stay uncountable hours in bed and loneliness made me a passionate reader. As the books ran out before my imagination, I started to write them: stories, poetries, accounts…

Why am I a writer? Because it’s inside my soul and it’s a part of me, because I can choose my world and my fights, because even if the world is adversed to it, it doesn’t matter.

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